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Justin Price Writes Posts

The Bunny

It was there amidst the trees that he first tasted his own death. He’d become sure it would never happen to him. Others around him had dropped like flies, but he thought he might go on forever escaping that particular release.

That is until the thing—the wall of a creature with violent hands and a red-rimmed gaping mouth—had thrown him and he had so nearly fallen into the water. Splashed into the ocean where he could have drowned happily.

But he didn’t. Instead, his body bounced a few times before coming to rest on a particularly hard rock. In the moment, he thought to run, but the thing that smelled like cherry icees was on him too quickly and his chance evaporated.

And anyway he couldn’t have run. He had no bones. His cotton skin had been stuffed with a whispery synthetic material, the majority of which he’d lost previously through the great hole the creature had opened in his side. A hole that had since been fixed through serious trauma involving stabbing needles, but the ordeal had left him an amorphous, immovable blob.

The creature—the “little girl” as he’d heard her called a thousand times—bent down and yanked him up hard by his soft ear, sending shockwaves through his fur. Then she was throwing him up again, teasing him with glimpses of the distancing cut in the trees where he’d almost been free.

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Trumbly: A Short Story (or, The Most Fun You Could Have Prepping For A Dog Show)

I wrote a psychological magical-realism thriller a while ago. I polished it up and put it out to the world. But then I forgot to tell that world. 🙄 Silly me.

It’s still there for anyone to enjoy, and at $0.99 what could possibly go wrong? (Enjoy it for free Kindle Unlimiteders (Unlimitedians?))

It’s almost novella length too, so you might even find you’ll get your money’s worth.


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I am not a robot, but a real boy.

I have been posting on Instagram for a while, taking photos to accompany my thoughts. But I feel like my stories have outgrown Instagram. They need a bigger place to thrive.

I hope to provide an enjoyable experience for you, the reader. But first and foremost, this is a blog about becoming a writer.

“But you already write, and so you are a writer,” you say.

Well, while that may be true, I want more. So, I go in search of writing for more than just pleasure.

I also like to take pictures, though I haven’t in a while. Still, those will likely surface here.

I hope you do not dislike pictures too much. They can be wonderful things. They can be painful things. They can be bowls of fruit.

If you are still reading this, why? Comment and let me know.

As a real boy, and definitely not an AI trying to learn everything it can about the human race in order to more completely destroy it, I am curious.